May 20, 2017: Prayer, Spiritual Journaling, and ART

Meditate, Journal, Create…

If you can answer yes to the following questions, or you want to try something new, or you have spring fever, then this is the retreat for you:

  • Do you like quiet time to pray and meditate?
  • Do you like to write or journal on occasion?
  • Do you enjoy getting in touch with your creativity?

This retreat is about spending time in quiet reflection, prayer, or meditation while listening for God in your life. This time of prayer can be guided or on your own as long as you remain in silence. At a designated time you will be asked to journal about your private prayer experience. What were your thoughts, insights, or inspirations? What did you sense or learn in your time of silence? Once you have written all you want to say, sit with your words and visualize them in a colorful design or image. How would your reflection expressed in your words look as a your work of art? Come and enjoy for a day the beauty and the sacred space of Richmond Hill.




Brenda Giannini, facilitator. Suggested donation $30. includes lunch and art materials (note: bring your own journal).

Sign-up: DeBorah Cannaday at 804-783-7903

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