Creating Pathways through Grief — a Day Retreat, Sat. February 10

Meeting Times

Group meets from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Saturday, February 10.

The expressive arts have long been helpful in processing our grief.  It is often restorative to bypass the intellect and work with our hands and heart. We can  express our grief and find new insights about the journey.  People are often amazed by what unfolds from their creative efforts. The retreat also includes an opportunity to share what has been created with other retreatants. Other expressive art opportunities will also be available including a dream work exercise, a choice of various writing exercises and an art for “stuck points” in the grief journey exercise.

No artistic experience required! Activities include:

• Collage (Vision Board)

• Writing (various exercises)

• Create a Mandala

Facilitator:  Sandra Gramling, Ph.D., LCP

Sandy Gramling, Ph.D., Spiritual Director and Coordinator of Grief Ministries at Richmond Hill.

Suggested donation:

$20.00 (includes lunch)


To register, please contact Mary Lewis at 804-783-7903 or

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