Clergy Convocation 2017: Pursuing Shalom Now

Save the Date: November 2

Lisa Sharon Harper, author of The Very Good Gospel, will join us in November for the Clergy Convocation to facilitate a training that would help us consider our role as faithful citizens in today’s political climate. The training would seek to answer the following questions:  How do we organize?  How do we advocate for change?  How do we mobilize in ways that influence public policy and address core issues constructively?  How do we embody “shalom” together and make faith real in today’s world?  As Christ Followers, how do we understand our call to activism now?

Mark your calendar, and sign up now!

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  1. David Cooper
    October 14, 2017

    As I read the invitation, seeing the complex systems that Lisa mentions as essential elements of God’s shalom, I reflected on my own calling and journey as a shalom-maker. My journey was ignited by a small meeting of shalom-makers, convened by Rev. Dr. Robert C. Linthicum, in Ontario, California November 2008. I look forward to participating with and learning from Lisa and the group on November 2nd. L’shalom.

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